Monday, 5 September 2011

The Wedding Blogger Has Arrived!

In Summer 2010 I went to four weddings. This book is my drunken memories of those times. It tells the tale of 4 weddings, and 2 stag parties. During which time I came up with three of the most amazing chat up lines you will ever hear and made history by giving the worlds FIRST speech about a wedding cake.

Some highlights of the book include:

Three amazing chat up lines.

Me shooting a man in the leg.

Me having an argument with a train man.

Jonny Mountains Ass.

And for the first time ever in print, the three most embarrassing stories about me.

The Cottage Incident

The Carlos Valderrama Incident

The Chips Incident 


The Chips Incident Told In The Style Of Mark Cruickshank

The book will also answer some of the questions you never knew you wanted the answer to, 

Who did Andy sleep with at Ian's wedding?

What exactly is a "Boat Hat?" 


How do you give a speech about a wedding cake??

The book costs £7.06 (plus postage and packaging)

The book is available for purchase HERE.
And as an added bonus, until September 9th 2011 you can get 20% off using discount code:SEPTEMBERUK meaning the book only costs £5.65

If I can go ahead and answer the questions that no doubt will follow.
No, you cannot have a free copy, even if you are in it. It's published via a print on demand website so even I don't get a free one.

It costs £7.06 because that is the minimum price I am allowed to make it. This is due to printing costs and taking a cut of the money, I am making very, very little money out of this. I didn't write this book to get rich, I just wrote it so I could have a record of the most expensive summer of my life. quite often offer discounts using a special code, I will always advertise these codes via my facebook and twitter accounts. 

And yes, everything in this book did actually happen.

I hope you buy it, and I hope you like it. If you do please tell your friends and get them to buy it. If you don't like it then keep your thoughts to yourself.

That's All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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