Sunday, 4 September 2011

Andy & Laura's Adventures In London: The Coolest Bar In Town

After our geeky afternoon we decided a drink was in order. So we headed to the coolest bar in London.

The Ice Bar.

Yeah I just did that joke. Deal with it. 

The ice bar is a really cool place (no pun intended that time). It's £15 each for entry and that gets you a 40 minute session and one cocktail. And everything is made of ice. The bar, the seats, the shelves, even the glasses are made of ice.

You get a complimentary poncho to wear while inside. They advise you to keep it on at all times as the temperature is between -5 and -10. And today was the day I was walking about in shorts and T-shirt. I was damn cold!

The ice glass's are a fun idea, but the drawback is you don't get much in them. You get one drink included with entry and if you want a refill it's £8. Being from Aberdeen and a bit cheap, myself and Laura did not buy another drink in the ice bar. But we had paid for a 40 minute session and we were damn well gonna get our money's worth. So we hung about for another 29 minutes and 15 seconds and took some pics.

The ice bar was a great experience. It's not somewhere you'd go regularly but it's def something you should do.
Over all it was a fantastic holiday, just far too short. Laura and I have just booked our next holiday. We're going to The Costa Del Sol next summer for 2 weeks. I wonder if they have an ice bar? Or a Doctor Who experience for that matter?

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