Friday, 16 September 2011

Texts From A Mystery Person

Not to be confused with The Crazy Person, these texts were from a Mystery Person. This story takes place while Laura and I were in London. We were in The O2 Arena having dinner and I got a voice mail. A voice mail from a number I did not recognise.

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I listened to this message about 50 times but I had no idea who it was from. But clearly they knew me. They knew my name, they knew my phone number and they knew I was at the Glee concert.

I racked my brain, I had posted on facebook where I was, so that was probably where they noticed. But who the hell was it? Who did I know in London? And why was this the first time they were contacting me?

Was this some crazy stalker?

Was it a serial killer who lures his victims in by leaving them impossible to resist voice mails?

I called back the number but they were in the arena already and I couldn't hear a word they said. I decided a text was in order.

Who was this person? And why was this the best day ever? Was it simply receiving a text from me? Oh god! This was a nutter I was texting. What had I done? This maniac was no doubt now going to track me down, cut off my skin and wear it to his birthday.
I decided to try and call this person out. If I knew where they were, I could be somewhere else. Hiding.

He was already in the arena, not only that, his seats were less than 200 yards away from ours. Holy Shid! This guy had done his homework, not only did he know where I was going to be at what time, but he even managed to get seats close to mine.

And who the hell is Britney S Pearce? Was that him? Or her? Was this an alias?

I had to find out. I had to know. If it was my fate to be killed by this nutter then I would go out fighting. I left Laura securely in our seats, safe from this crazed killer. I wandered over to where his seats were, slowly almost ninja like. I did not want to be spotted. I surveyed the crowd but saw no familiar faces. I rang the number, and I heard a scream, a very loud scream. 
This was it, the end. The moment where you have to accept your fate. The killer was coming to get me, little did he know I had seen karate kid over 300 times!

"ANDY G!!!"

I heard being screamed. I turned around, and did not see a crazy killer.

I saw an old friend.

Who I used to work with on The QE2.

I breathed a sigh of relief, and gave Dolly a hug!
What are the odds of this actually happening? The O2 arena holds tens of thousands of people, and a friend who I hadn't seen in years had spotted I was at the same show thanks to facebook, and not only that, was sitting less than 200 yards from me. Amazing.

Dolly was incredibly excited to see the show and heard a rumour that Gwenneth Paltrow might be doing a cameo. He said if that did happen he would probably just give birth right there and then. Which would have been weird.

Dolly has also been an avid reader of the old blog, and hopefully he will be just as dedicated to this one. He seemed very excited at the prospect of being featured on the blog. I insisted we take a photo to document the occasion. He made me take three so as to make sure he got his t-shirt in.

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Andy G

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