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That's correct, it's not just incredibly entertaining blog posts I write. I also wrote a book!

It all began when I had to send a letter to the northumbria water board as they were claiming I owed them money, I owed them nothing and made sure they knew it. I went to the shop to buy an envelope with which to post that letter, but the shop only sold envelopes in packs of fifty.

Not wanting to see 49 envelopes go to waste I saw this as an opportunity, I set myself the challenge of writing 49 more letters to people who deserved it. For both good and bad reasons. This has lead to me being at the receiving end of some quite harsh abuse. All of which is included in this book. Several of the letters in this book  originally appeared on the old blog. But a hell of a lot of them have not. So don't think I'm trying to sell you something that you can see for free.

The book is available HERE and only costs £5 (plus postage and packaging)

Fifty Envelopes is also available as an e-book for only £3

So go and buy it, it's really good. And I really need the money.

If you are a true friend then you would buy it. If you wrote a book I'd buy it from you.

Just so you get an idea about what's in the book I have included the table of contents.

Fifty Envelopes has had some great reviews which you can read HERE.
And HERE.  

It even appeared on a tv show called Book Look, which you can watch below.

The Wedding Blogger

My second book will be the drunken memoirs of my adventures last summer when I attended four weddings in the space of six weeks. It was a very drunken 6 weeks.
The full title of the next book is:

The Wedding Blogger
4 Weddings
3 Amazing Chat Up Lines
2 Stag Parties
1 Speech About A Wedding Cake

It's nearly finished, I have someone designing a cover and my friend Jonesy is nearly done editing. I hope to have it released by September at the latest.

I hope.

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