A quick word about swearing

It's been pointed out to me lately that I swear a lot. 
That's something I am going to try and cut back on.  I'll still use the lighter swear words like arse, crap and bastard, but the harsher profanities are going to be toned down somewhat. But obviously there will be times when a swear word is needed in a sentence. So instead of actually swearing, I shall cleverly tweak words to make them non-offensive. Just in case you are not very clever, here is a translation of all the swear words I will be using:

Fook = Fuck

Shid = Shit

Cump = Cunt

I hope that is clear and that you are not offended by my foul language. If you are I couldn't really give a fooking shid. So why don't you just fook off you cumping mong.

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