Saturday, 3 September 2011

Andy & Laura's Adventures In London: The Doctor Who Experience

Laura and I were on our third day in London, and this was the day I'd been waiting for!
Today was Doctor Who Day.
Since I was nice and got Laura tickets to see Glee, she felt a cultural exchange was necessary. So we went to see The Doctor Who Experience.
The Doctor Who Experience consists of an interactive 3D walking tour and film show type thing. You get an opportunity to fly the Tardis and take part in an interactive adventure with The Doctor. It was pretty decent. After the interactive adventure which features the new tardis set, Daleks and The Doctor stuck in the pandorica, you find yourself in the Doctor Who Exhibition. Being a massive geek I was loving every second of this. They had a massive exhibit of loads of sets from the show, costumes and props. When I was a kid I always remember Sylvester McCoy being The Doctor, so I got pretty excited when I saw his costume.

And then The Tardis from the eighties.

 Here's a couple of other cool pics.

It was a great afternoon, and my girlfriend is officially awesome for getting me such an incredibly geeky gift. She really does know me too well.
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