Monday, 12 September 2011

A New Name For Vincents

Several weeks ago, I was chatting to one of the chefs at Vincents. He mentioned that Vinnie (The Owner) was contemplating changing the name of the restaurant. He want to turn the restaurant into a steak house. Personally I'm not sure about the whole steak house thing, I like the fact that our menu is varied, we do have a good selection of steaks and other dishes that appeal to all tastes. I am very much against a name change. The restaurant has been open for over a decade. If you want to change you need to COMPLETELY change, not just a name. What's in a name after all. I haven't heard him mention it again recently, however several days ago I found a piece of paper in the kitchen, and on that piece of paper were names, potential new names for Vincents. I of course stole this piece of paper and scanned it for you to see.  
My personal favourite is Beef Encounter. 
What's yours?

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