The Wedding Blogger

This book is the story of one man’s journey through four weddings and two stag weekends in the summer of 2010. Kilted up, with a drink in one hand, a drink in the other hand, and a drink that he’d put down somewhere and forgotten about, he was present as eight of his friends got married. Join him as he impresses a series of ladies with some extraordinary chat-up lines, learns more facts about wedding cakes than you could possibly imagine, and spends long periods of time waiting for Walkin’ On Sunshine to come on.

Andy Graham is The Wedding Blogger.

Some highlights of the book include:

Three amazing chat up lines.

Me shooting a man in the leg.

Me having an argument with a train man.

Jonny Mountains Ass.

And for the first time ever in print, the three most embarrassing stories about me.

The Cottage Incident

The Carlos Valderrama Incident

The Chips Incident 


The Chips Incident Told In The Style Of Mark Cruickshank

The book will also answer some of the questions you never knew you wanted the answer to, 

Who did Andy sleep with at Ian's wedding?

What exactly is a "Boat Hat?" 


How do you give a speech about a wedding cake??

The Book is available to buy HERE

So buy it now and enjoy. And remember, if you'd wrote a book I'd buy it, it's only polite.


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