Monday, 29 August 2011

A Sneak Peak At My Next Book

Regular readers of the old blog will know that I once wrote a book. If you are a true friend and all round good person you would have bought it. If you didn't buy it then you are obviously a cump!

Well it is now with great pleasure that I can give you a sneak preview of my next book.

The Wedding Blogger

4 Weddings
3 Amazing Chat Up Lines
2 Stag Parties
1 Speech About A Wedding Cake

The title really sums up what the book is about.
All my drunken adventures last summer surrounding the four weddings I attended.

The Book Cover was designed by the incredibly talented Diana Leto.

My good friend Jonesy has done the editing for me, and he has hopefully made my drunken stories far more dramatically accurate.
I asked him to write a little something for the back cover, this is what he came up with.

This book is the story of one man’s journey through four weddings and two stag weekends in the summer of 2010. Kilted up, with a drink in one hand, a drink in the other hand, and a drink that he’d put down somewhere and forgotten about, he was present as eight of his friends got married. Join him as he impresses a series of ladies with some extraordinary chat-up lines, learns more facts about wedding cakes than you could possibly imagine, and spends long periods of timewaiting for Walkin’ On Sunshine to come on.

Andy Graham is the Wedding Blogger.

Here's a few tweets and texts he's sent me regarding the book while he was busy editing. I hope they will help you get a good feel for the story.

I think that gives you a good idea of the kind of stuff contained within the book.
It'll hopefully be available for purchase within a few weeks.

That's All For Now

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Have A Nice

Andy G

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