Friday, 12 August 2011

Happy Birthday Struan

Today my friend Struan turns 20. 

Happy Birthday mate!

To celebrate his 20th year, I have compiled the top 5 interesting facts about Struan. In no particular order:

1: Struan is actually an "adult film" star. He has been in the industry for only 3 weeks and has made over 200 films. He goes by the name "Lance Hardwood."

2: Struan spends a lot of his free time running around dressed as Robin from Batman & Robin.

3: If Struan ever eats a whole packet of peanut M & M's he will turn into a mutant squirrel.

4: Struan has magic hair, if you touch it you will be granted three wishes. Seriously. Try it.

5: Struan makes the greatest cottage pie known to man!

In other Struan news, the birthday boy recently shocked the internet community by joining facebook. A shock to us all.

If you are on facebook why not wish him a happy birthday on his wall. Maybe he'll send you a free copy of his latest adult film, Sex Cars 2.

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Have A Nice

Andy G

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