Monday, 15 August 2011

The Search For Manly Post It Notes, a Portrait of Me and Life As A Budha.

So since leaving school, I've re-entered the world of full time employment. But no longer in the hospitality industry. I've now got a regular boring office job. And it's fantastic. I am head of sales for a food company.

My job basically involves getting orders from our own companies shops in Aberdeen. Processing them, and then getting orders from all our other customers which are various shops and restaurants through out the area. And then processing them. It's fairly simple. That being said I have already made several mistakes and no doubt will make countless more in the coming weeks and months. But it's all good.

My day is always busy so it passes very quickly and everyone I work with is very friendly. I also have the advantage of being trained by my good friend and former housemate Althea. It's her job I am stealing. Well I say stealing, she is volunteering to leave. She's off to France so I am inheriting her desk. This is what it looked like on my first day.

I am currently on the look out for some more manly post it notes. Does anyone know where I can find any?

I managed to find some green ones. But so did my boss's young daughter, and she then decided to decorate my desk.
I also took part in the above project, can you guess which post it was mine?
As I said my work day is usually pretty busy, I have a hell of a lot to do in a short space of time. this is the daily duties check list Althea made for me.

What worries me is the picture of the dude in the corner. That looks nothing like me! I don't have blond hair. Not anymore anyway.

My boss's daughter was also kind enough to draw a picture of me. Can you see the resemblance?

She then decided to alter her masterpiece a tad. Apparently this is what I would look like if I started crying.
She def has talent. The last person who drew a picture of me was Cat, a former classmate.
This was her effort:

I reckon with just a little practice my boss's daughter could easily beat Cat's effort.

Have you drawn a picture of me? 

If so please email me it and I'll happily stick it on the blog and send you a complimentary curly wurly for your efforts.

It's not just me who's new in the office. Almost the entire office staff changed in the space of a week, with the exception of the office manager. The office junior has already proved herself to be a source of much amusement. At one point during a quiet afternoon she randomly asked the office,

"Do you get paid to be a Bhuda?"

She thought that all a "Bhuda" does is sit about all day and sleep.

She then discovered that they cannot eat meat, celebrate birthdays or have sex. She quickly lost interest. She still does not know what the real name for a "Bhuda" is.

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