Friday, 19 August 2011

The Mysterious Mystery of The Missing Keys: Part 2

The story so far.....

It's the day before a big gig in The Club, and the keys are missing. We have established that they are not in the empty yogurt pot where they normally reside. Even after checking several times they were still not there. A conversation with Vinnie has revealed that they keys might be in the company van, which is at his house. But he is in Spain. So I called the person who was meant to be feeding his cat to check the house for me and get me the keys. But she has went out of town for the weekend.

How she is going to feed the cat while she is out of town is somewhat of a mystery, but that's not my problem right now.

So I call back Vinnie, and explain the situation. He says he thinks there is another key to the van in the safe. Fortunately I have a key to the safe. Unfortunately it is at home, and I am in the restaurant office. 

So now I need to get a bus from the restaurant, to my house, and then come back to the restaurant to open the safe to see if the key is actually in there, which it might not be. To then go to Vinnies house to open the van, to get the keys which only might be in there.

So that's exactly what I did. I got on a bus and was forced to sit next to quite possibly the chaviest woman I have ever seen in my life. And her dog. I was forced to listen to her conversation about her and her friend getting into a fight. From what I can gather it all had something to do with a bottle of brown sauce. But that's all I could really understand.

After what seemed like hours I arrived home and got the safe key. Not keen on boarding another chavtastic bus I decided that I would get a taxi to ferry me around the city, and I would damn well get Vinnie to pay for it.

So I got a taxi, to take me to the restaurant to open the safe, to get the van key. Amazingly the van key was actually in the safe. Step one of the plan was complete.
Step two involved going to Vinnies house and hoping that the key was in the van.

If it wasn't there would be no way to open The Club. The doors would remain locked, the lights would remain off, and there would be 650 very pissed off people demanding a refund. All because my boss moved the keys from a yogurt pot and forgot where he put them.

The taxi arrived at Vinnie's house, the van was parked in the drive way, this was it. The moment that the past 2 and a half hours of searching had been building to. In just a few short moments the rest of my weekend would be decided. Would I spend the night in the club with 650 drunken morons or would I spend the night out with my friends having left a carefully worded sign on the front door with Vinnies phone number should they wish to complain.

The taxi departed, but not before giving me a receipt so I could claim back these expenses. I slowly and cautiously approached the van. If the keys weren't in here the night was pretty much a bust.
I looked through the window, nothing. They were no where to be seen. This was not a good sign. I opened the van door, climbed inside and began to rake. I found some hula hoops, a half drunk bottle of water, an empty packet of M & M's..............

and the keys to The Club!!


The day was saved. And to top it all off, I now had a van at my disposal. Which was just as well, because in the time I had spent searching all over Aberdeen for these fooking keys I had meant to have gone food shopping. Plus it was now raining.

It had been a stressful and highly irritating two and a half hours. It was just as well the promoters had wanted to come in on the Friday. 
If they hadn't I wouldn't have known until I turned up on the Saturday and spent two hours searching for the keys when I was meant to be setting up. I felt a sense of relief, the night will go ahead as planned. I will add the 2 and a half hours I had spent on this missing key escapade onto my rota so I will get paid, and now I had the company van at my disposal until Vinnie got home.

Good times.

The van did not start.

I had to walk home.

In the rain.

I got wet.

Bad times! 

That's All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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