Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Mysterious Mystery Of The Missing Keys: Part 1

I had a rather irritating experience the other day and I thought I would share that with you.

Vincents and The Club have been closed for a couple of weeks for holidays. Despite the fact that everyone was going to be off for two weeks. Vinnie (the owner) took a booking. A booking for a gig in The Club. A very big gig. A big name DJ was coming to play, and  Vinnie was on holiday. As was the other manager. Luckily for him I didn't have any plans. So the night was left to me, and me alone.

There were 650 tickets available, and they all sold out very quickly. This was clearly going to be a very busy night. I had spoken to the promoters a couple of times the week before and we had discussed various arrangements.  They were aware that I now have a day job, so they could only get access to the building in the evening or on the actual day of the event.

So last Friday I was hard at work at the office, when I received a text, a text from one of the promoters. They needed access to The Club to drop off some rather expensive equipment. I arranged to meet them at The Club at 6pm that evening.
The Club is below Vincents, they are both in the same building, but you need a separate set of keys to access the club. We keep these in a yogurt pot in the restaurant office. I should point out it's an empty yogurt pot. Well, it's empty except for the keys, there's no yogurt in it. That would make the keys all yogurty.

So I met up with the promoters and let them in the restaurant and went to retreive the keys to The Club from the yogurt pot. 
However the keys were not in the yogurt pot. The keys were absent. I stared at the yogurt pot, it was definitely empty. There was no denying it. 

So here we were.

Myself and two promoters with a hell of a lot of expensive equipment, and locked out of The Club. Fortunatly there is a connecting door between the cellar of Vincents and The Club. Luckily this was not locked, so the guys could at least dump the equipment.

After dumping the equipment the promoters left, and I spent 45 minutes searching the building for the keys. I called the other manager who was also on holiday. He was the last to have them, he said he left them in the yogurt pot. I called the cleaner, he didn't even know there was a yogurt pot with keys in it. I then sent a text to Vinnie The Owner asking if he had moved the keys.

He called me immediatly, this was our conversation:

Vinnie: Andy you've got me a little bit worried.

Andy: Well you're not the only one. Do you know where the keys are?

Vinnie: Are they not in the pot?

Andy: No.

Vinnie: Are you sure?

Andy: Yes.

Vinnie: Maybe I posted them through the letter box.

Andy: No, they weren't there.
Vinnie: They weren't mixed in with the mail?

Andy: No.

Vinnie: Are you sure?

Andy: Yes.

Vinnie: And you're sure they're not in the pot?

Andy: Yes Vinnie, I'm currently looking at an empty yogurt pot.

Vinnie: Ok. Call the cleaner and ask if he's got them.

Andy: I already called him. He doesn't know where they are.

Vinnie: Call him and ask if they were in with the mail.

Andy: But he would have said if they were. Plus I was in before him so it was me that took up the mail.

Vinnie: Ahhhhh, right well if you're sure they're not in the pot.

Andy: Nothing in there.

Vinnie: And they're not at the front door.

Andy: Definitely not there.

Vinnie: Well, ermmm, they might be in the van.

Andy: The van?

Vinnie: Yeah, maybe.

Andy: And where's the van?

Vinnie: At my house.

Andy: And where's the key to the van?

Vinnie: In my house.

Andy: But you're in spain?

Vinnie: Yeah.

Andy: Alright. (Insert long pause here) Does anyone have a key?

Vinnie: Yes! (Excitedly) Caroline is looking after the cat. Call her, she can go to the house to get the van key, to check the van, and she can bring you The Club keys.

Andy: Alrighty, will do.

So I have to call the girl who is looking after the boss's cat, get her to go to his house, get the van key, and check to see if The Club keys are in there. Luckily I already know this girl so I quickly gave her a ring. 

She's not in town. 

She arrived in a small town over 150 miles away ten minutes before I called.


To Be Continued.................

Will Andy find the keys?

Will the gig go on?

Will anyone actually bother to read all this shid?

Find out tomorrow, at the crack of noon.

That's All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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